Jan 19 2017

The Expansion of Patient Care Technologies Through Healthcare Tech

The patient experience has come a long way, thanks to digital displays, mobile devices and improved communications tools.

Patient Care Technologies are an integral component of the modern hospital, but that wasn’t always the case. Doctors, nurses and administrators once relied largely on paper. Replacing ineffective practices with technology-enabled processes has brought about new and improved patient experiences.

A CDW infographic mapping the evolution of healthcare technologies shows just how far hospitals have come. The moment patients walk through the door, they are often met with digital wayfinding displays that help them locate the right department. Electronic check-in technology and barcode identification tags further streamline administrative processes.

Patients already admitted to the hospital see improvements, too. According to the infographic, patients sitting in their rooms can watch cable programming on wall-mounted screens and easily communicate with their care providers through touch-screen nurse-call systems. Doctors and nurses, on the other hand, can better monitor and care for patients using vital-tracking devices and mobile medicine carts.

Such features might explain why a 2015 Harris Poll survey found that 85 percent of U.S. adults feel more confidence in a hospital’s quality of care knowing its staff use the latest technology.

Check out the full CDW infographic below for even more examples of how technology has changed the patient experience.

patient care technologies infographic