Mar 25 2020

How Sentara Healthcare Is Making the Most of Its Virtualization Strategy

Virtualization is helping Sentara Healthcare and other organizations improve scalability, save money and introduce remote work options for staff — benefits that can be critical during a health emergency.


    Matthew Douglas, Chief Enterprise Architect, Sentara Healthcare

    Christopher Logan, Director of Healthcare Industry Strategy, VMware

Video Highlights

  • By virtualizing compute, network and storage, healthcare organizations can eliminate hardware and standardize on software for all of their workloads, applications and data. 
  • Sentara Healthcare, in standardizing and scaling out to multiple clouds, has been able to lower its costs and increase agility.
  • VMware desktop and application virtualization solutions have provided Sentara with a streamlined approach to deliver and manage Windows desktops and apps, while ensuring its employees can work anytime, anywhere.

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