Jan 27 2017

How Hybrid Clouds Enable Physicians to Offer More Innovative Care

Patients are mobile. Physicians are, too. And while patients want anytime access to their data, physicians need secure, uninterrupted data access. This means providing both with a seamless data experience, one where users can’t tell if data is in the cloud or in the data center itself.

Healthcare organizations also must streamline infrastructure, which means finding a flexible way to keep up with data-center transformation and bridging the gap between on-premises and cloud solutions.

Hybrid cloud environments provide just that.

By taking advantage of virtualization, consolidation and cloud solutions together on one converged infrastructure, healthcare providers can prime their organizations for future growth and workflow fluctuations.

In addition, the sharing and storage benefits of the cloud set users up for better mobile enhancement; a more robust patient portal experience; more accurate care at the bedside; and the ability to embrace remote-monitoring tools, telehealth and other collaborative technologies that lead to higher quality care.