Mar 27 2020

How to Maintain Healthcare Operations During a Disruption

The current health crisis has brought unprecedented challenges for IT teams. A CDW Healthcare webinar offers advice to ensure business continuity and a flexible response.


    Tom Stafford, CTO, CDW Healthcare

    Andrea Daugherty, Director of Enterprise IT Security and Resiliency, University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School and UT Health Austin

    Mike Marques, Director of Technical Services, Halifax Health

    Jeremy Weiss, Healthcare Security Solution Architect, CDW

    Remy Morgan, Healthcare Mobility Solution Architect, CDW

    Mike Murphy, Collaboration Solution Architect, CDW

Video Highlights

  • IT teams must address heightened network demands to support remote work, telemedicine, call centers, external devices and security protocols.
  • Deployments of outdoor triage stations and care delivery in external settings are contingent on scalable infrastructure and robust mobility initiatives.
  • Hackers will attempt new methods to gain access, including threat actors posing as help desk staff. Protective measures and employee education are crucial.

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