Jun 01 2020

How Fast Pace Health Urgent Care Scales Technology Quickly

With over 1,500 full-time employees across four states, Fast Pace Health Urgent Care needed the ability to scale quickly and effectively. By moving to a "clinic in a box" approach for end-user IT setups, the Waynesboro, Tenn.-based care provider has successfully been able to simplify IT management, minimize downtime and positively impact user and patient satisfaction.


    Kim Krisik, Strategic Manager, CDW Healthcare

    Wesley Shepherd, Vice President of IT, Fast Pace Health Urgent Care

Video Highlights

  • Fast Pace Health Urgent Care operates across four states with over 1,500 full-time employees. The care provider's ability to scale quickly is critical to maintaining business continuity and increasing patient satisfaction.
  • By having a multitude of IT solutions, from an IP-based phone system and desktops to credit card readers, prepared as a single-box kit before shipping, Fast Pace can streamline workflows and ease daily chaos.
  • The "clinic in a box" approach gets Fast Pace users up and running in a fraction of the time previously required and minimizes overall downtime for the care provider.

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