Mar 23 2020

How to Ensure Data Policy Compliance Across Your Organization

The Private Data Compliance application from CDW takes data redaction in healthcare to a new level, creating a step-by-step process within ServiceNow to redact protected health information that must remain private.


    Eros Canabrava, Principal Field Services Architect, CDW Healthcare

Video Highlights

  • The majority of HIPAA violations take place due to human error or process failures — entering data into the wrong field or sharing a screenshot that contains a patient's sensitive information.
  • Many applications rely on users to input sensitive patient information into the right field(s); however, PDC goes a step further to ensure that the data is encrypted in the correct location.
  • The PDC application is helping healthcare organizations to create privacy rules for any task record, redact specific types of attachments or patterns such as Social Security numbers, phone numbers and employee IDs, and assign record review and release groups.

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