Aug 18 2021

HIMSS21: The Pathway to Powering and Protecting Your Digital Health Strategy

CDW experts share best practices and use cases to guide healthcare organizations in their efforts to support innovation using agile infrastructure powered by digital velocity, while also combating cybersecurity threats. Topics include data centers, virtual care, mobility and security.

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    Tom Stafford, Healthcare CTO, CDW

    Casey Bleeker, Director of Strategic Go to Market, Digital Velocity Solutions, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Modernizing data center strategies can help healthcare organizations become more business-focused, patient-driven and competitive.
  • Rapid adoption of virtual care services at the beginning of the pandemic left some healthcare organizations with less efficient or noncompliant workflows. It’s important for providers to reassess their technologies.
  • Data protection, to reduce providers’ risk and protect patient safety, is more critical than ever as healthcare experiences an increase in cyberattacks.