Mar 06 2018

HIMSS 2018: AI Can Be Both a Security Friend and Foe

Machine learning and artificial intelligence already help to better secure endpoints, and they have the ability to extend data security by analyzing behaviors across systems and keeping track of activities in vast data stores. But AI can also be used by attackers to compromise systems. We talk with CDW security guru Mark Lachniet about the potential of AI to improve security practices.


    • Mark Lachniet, Manager, Information Security Solutions, CDW
    • Vanessa Jo Roberts, Editorial Director, HealthTech

Video Highlights

  • A handful of security products already use machine learning and artificial intelligence to protect endpoints.
  • AI has the potential to radically improve behavioral modeling to spot anomalous activity — quickly.
  • The ability, however, to ferret out the use of AI in security attacks can be tricky.

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