Children’s hospitals are using cloud-based solutions to drive pediatric research and clinical innovation.
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Design in Mind

UC Davis Health takes aim at problems in digital health equity through a key collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

Product Review

Bounce Back

This recovery tool keeps watch over protected networks and speeds recovery following a ransomware attack.

Product Review

20/20 Vision

Clear and crisp images deliver powerful physical security for healthcare locations.


Connected Care

Watch HealthTech's complete Connected Care video series now.

Tech Tips

Taking Stock

Organizations looking to strengthen their supply chain management can turn to these strategies.

FAQ Five

Protect the Hive

The “black box” nature of most connected gear in a healthcare setting has made securing IoMT devices against threats increasingly difficult.

IT Futurist

On the Mend

Advancements in wound care technology have the potential to improve patient outcomes and clinician workflow.

Get Smart

In Full Flow

What should providers consider when adopting medical devices that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Security Save

Path Forward

Make sure you stay ahead of the game with cyber vulnerabilities instead of playing catch up.



Connected Quarters

Home healthcare providers are no strangers to mobility. Cloud-based tools and digital patient access are taking their strategies to the next level.


Heal at Home

Healthcare leaders with experience in providing acute care at home are weighing in on the growth and future of these important programs.


Beyond the Bedside

Virtual nursing programs help hospitals overcome staffing shortages and support onsite nurses in providing patient care.


The Fresh Connection

Wi-Fi upgrades prepare care organizations serving older adults for more tech-savvy residents and improved clinical workflows.


Letter From the Editor

Open Arms

Healthcare equity and access is not a solo project that a single organization can tackle alone. Open collaboration is key to fostering better connections.

Contributor Column

Course Correction

Whatever comes their way, healthcare organizations need to have resiliency and agility like businesses.

Contributor Column

Intentional Integration

Providers need to be mindful of ensuring telemedicine equity through audio-only visits and technical support.