Visibility into information and IT systems gives healthcare providers and IT staff the data they need to proactively manage change in the industry.
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Product Review

Lasting Connections

The Poly RealPresence 500 brings healthcare wherever it’s most needed.

Security Save

Assured Approaches

It’s time to check up on mHealth app strategies to ensure patient safety and privacy are front of mind.

Product Review

Power Through

Virtual environments save costs and alleviate resources for healthcare systems.

IT Futurist

Get Back Up

Three digital-first musculoskeletal health platforms highlight the evolution in virtual physical therapy beyond video calls.

Get Smart

Course of Action

In the event that a ransomware attack hits a healthcare organization, leaders need to have a defined strategy already prepared.

Tech Tips

Remote Rework

For healthcare IT decision-makers, planning an organization’s flexible workforce future beyond the pandemic is essential.

FAQ Five

Work It Out

Everyone knows what IT change management is, but few are happy with the process, as it often is a lot of work that doesn’t seem to deliver any visible benefits. Making change management useful is all about focusing on the “why.”


Practice and Preservation

What will telehealth look like beyond the COVID-19 pandemic? Providers hope to keep the momentum going.


Batten Down

Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. In incident response planning, technology and training must come together to protect patient data.



Commanding Care

Mission control–style command centers have helped healthcare organizations to maximize capacity at a time when resources have been stretched thin.


Anytime, Anyplace

Healthcare organizations with workforces spread over multiple locations can enhance the patient experience with platforms that help staff work smarter.


On Call

As healthcare organizations look to update legacy systems, a focus on upgrading essential voice telecommunications offers better connections for patients and staff.


Guards Up

Healthcare organizations bolster safety and security with cloud-based video surveillance systems.


Letter From the Editor

Journeys to the Center of Care

As healthcare organizations continue their digital transformation paths, they need to keep patient-centered care at the center of their strategies.

Contributor Column

Built to Last

How can organizations strengthen their digital health strategy beyond a health crisis?

Contributor Column

Business Sense

Here’s how virtual care can help midsized healthcare systems improve margins and minimize disruptions.