Healthcare IT teams provide service, speed and innovation amid an evolving public health emergency.
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Security Save

Protect Your Practice Against Ransomware

Fallout from a breach is far more than financial. Providers must consider a range of worst-case scenarios and guard themselves against evolving threats.

Tech Tips

Double Down

Here’s how healthcare organizations can set up multifactor authentication in Microsoft Office 365 to verify user identities and remain HIPAA compliant.


Telehealth’s Big Moment

Clinicians and legislators are enacting temporary changes to virtual care that could have long-term impact.

Product Review

One Tough Tablet

With a military-grade durability, the tablet is designed to endure any and all healthcare scenarios.

Product Review

Collaboration, Loud and Clear

The console eases communication for staff in need of quick access to other clinicians.

IT Futurist

Special Delivery

The nimble tools deliver medical equipment and biospecimens to expedite critical care and lab work.

Tech Trends

What Does 5G Mean for Healthcare?

Expected to drive developments in virtual care, image sharing and robotic surgery, the technology is only just getting started.


Prescription for Disruption

A keynote panelist explains why partnerships and personal tech are crucial to reshape care delivery and improve patient outcomes.

FAQ Five

A View from the Top

With centralized control and greater visibility, the technology can benefit busy healthcare organizations.



Smart Surveillance

The technology allows IT teams to measure device use, optimize connectivity and spot suspicious behavior.


Real Talk

Smart assistants and real-time transcription save time and money, while improving the care experience for patients and clinicians.


Remote Control

A range of wireless tools help providers track data, curb readmissions and improve outcomes after a patient’s discharge.


Virtually Amazing

Physicians are using VR tools to educate, to distract and to reduce the need for pain medication.


From the Editor

Care Is Everywhere

Evolving public health challenges place even more value on connective technologies that enable communication and care delivery.

Contributor Column

The Power of Predictive Analytics

Tools to detect patterns in patient traffic, staff schedules and disease treatment offer big insights for providers.

Contributor Column

Strong Communication Matters During Health Emergencies

Clear, targeted messaging is useful in any crisis. Consider diverse audiences and technologies when crafting an approach.