Mobile solutions and infrastructure technologies help organizations boost wayfinding.
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Collaborate to Innovate

In a time of major change, working together is the key to getting ahead, says CHIME CEO and President Russell Branzell.

Tech Tips

Cover Your Bases

Before deploying a solution, be sure you have a solid understanding of your current network environment needs.

Product Review

Connect Care Campuses

Ideal for linking clinics or specialized departments into a large enterprise healthcare network, this solution is powerful and easy to manage.

Tech Tips

A Balanced Strategy

Provider deployments should prioritize patient security and clinician usability.

Tech Forward

Code Cracked?

For CISOs and other technology leaders, concerns persist as digital threats continue to evolve.

IT Futurist

Change Agent

From predicting disorders to analyzing images, use of deep-learning solutions in healthcare continues to grow.

Get Smart

Set the Record Straight

Efficient vendor, staff and organizational management are critical to a new system rollout.



Poised for Growth

Transparency and security among the key focal points sought after in solutions upgrades.


From Analysis to Action

Providers leverage new knowledge to take action, improving workflow, patient care and satisfaction.


Hands-On Experience

From game management to pain management, tablets and other tools are redefining the meaning of care delivery.


Synergy Suite Spot

Through better collaboration, providers improve communication and business continuity.


From the Editor

Have IT Your Way

Gain access to new content and more personalized website features.

Contributor Column

Bottom Line: Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Preparing for a cyberattack can be costly, but failure to do so can be devastating.

Contributor Column

Battling Burnout: How IT Leaders Can Help

In the face of technology and regulatory burdens, collaboration will be critical.