Sep 28 2021

How ServiceNow Supports Digital Transformations in Healthcare

ServiceNow is helping customers streamline workflows and improve patient outcomes without compromising security or compliance.

Healthcare systems continue to undergo digital transformation, which has only accelerated over the past 18 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rapidly expanding testing locations and setting up triage sites to treat patients and distribute vaccines has caused an increase in siloed information that is creating inefficiencies and contributing to clinician burnout.

As healthcare systems turn to automated capabilities supported by digital workflow platforms such as ServiceNow, they’re able to drive better safety, efficiency and overall satisfaction. ServiceNow, a cloud-based service management platform, is helping to update workflows, improve access to information and strengthen connections across an organization to ultimately provide better patient care.

Last year, HonorHealth relied on ServiceNow to deploy a simple chatbot that could handle the flood of pandemic-related queries that threatened to overwhelm nurse call lines. The Phoenix-based organization was better positioned to deliver immediate care: Visitors to the website could use a COVID-19 symptom checker or chat live with a nurse.

“When people need help, no matter the time of day, they’re going to get it right away,” Dr. James Whitfill, chief transformation officer for HonorHealth, told HealthTech last year. “And when they’re OK, it lets clinicians focus on other things — like helping the patients they already have.”

An Automated Solution Is Ready for You

Consumers are seeking the convenience of digital access they receive in other industries such as retail, finance and travel that have yet to become widespread in healthcare. ServiceNow supports hospitals and clinics that are also looking to better connect with their patients.

Chatbots can assist with automated appointment scheduling and follow-up, which not only creates a seamless digital patient experience but also frees up existing staff from tedious administrative tasks. 

Anytime silos can be broken down and communication can be improved, it helps the overall patient experience. ServiceNow integrates with several electronic health records systems to improve workflow across agencies, simplifying clinician tasks and strengthening customer support.

For example, ServiceNow offers an integrated Epic help button, which can create an EHR-related service request without leaving the platform. It’s a feature that has greatly reduced the occurrence of unreported incidents within healthcare organizations.

DIVE DEEPER: How ServiceNow supports automation in healthcare.

ServiceNow continues to expand solutions specific to healthcare and life sciences on its Now Platform. For example, physician onboarding and credentialing processes can be streamlined through the platform, which is a valuable feature during a pandemic.

Another example is the vaccine administration solution that ServiceNow has developed that allows organizations to track and manage inventory of vaccines in real time. Recent updates to that module have allowed patients to do walk-in scheduling amid a push to get more people vaccinated.

ServiceNow also recently acquired Mapwize, an indoor mapping and wayfinding company based in France. The potential applications for expanded hospital wayfinding capabilities are tremendous.

Security and Compliance at the Forefront

ServiceNow helps healthcare organizations stay on top of security and compliance. Organizations can manage and integrate connected medical devices with different databases, no matter how dated they are. This can help break down software silos, and a security incident response module can improve coordination between teams and resolve issues.

CDW is an Elite partner of ServiceNow and was named a Global Segment Partner of the Year by the company this year. With nearly two decades of expertise in clinician workflow, mobile device management and connectivity in healthcare, CDW is uniquely positioned to help healthcare systems find their ServiceNow path.

With the recent acquisition of Focal Point Data Risk, a cybersecurity services provider, CDW has even more expertise in the field of healthcare security risk and compliance. This cybersecurity focus, paired with the world-class ServiceNow practice, can help healthcare organizations realize efficiencies, improve security and provide a better patient experience.

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