Feb 23 2021

Q&A: Cisco Systems’ Troy Yoder on the Tech Behind New Healthcare Models

For office work and care delivery, the right tools support seamless collaboration in hybrid environments.

Healthcare’s response to COVID-19 focused on getting people back to work both quickly and safely. For most office staff and many frontline clinical staff, that meant working remotely, whether at home or just outside a patient’s ICU room.

As hospitals and health systems continue to re-evaluate the role of the healthcare workforce, they need to intentionally design a hybrid experience, according to Troy Yoder, Cisco Systems’ global healthcare leader.

“The team that used to walk down the hallway together isn’t always going to be there. How can you simultaneously work with in-office and in-home people?” Yoder says. “There’s going to be a new ebb and flow to how work gets done — and high-quality video endpoints are going to be expected.”

Yoder spoke about Cisco’s role as a healthcare collaboration, virtual care and networking technology partner for the past 20 years. He also shared how that experience can help prepare organizations to support clinical care and administrative work from disparate locations.

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