Feb 24 2020

Go Inside a Smart House Made for Adaptive Living [#Infographic]

Targeted planning and easy-to-use tools boost independence and safety for residents with disabilities.

When Easterseals Southern California set out to update a four-bedroom ranch house in Orange County, the nonprofit organization knew that implementing smart technologies could make life safer and easier for adult residents with disabilities.

“Our goal was to look at what we could design for their unique needs, so they could take ownership of their home,” says Lupe Trevizo-Reinoso, vice president of living options at Easterseals Southern California, in a recent HealthTech article about the project.

The makeover, though seamless, wasn’t extreme: Familiar tools such as tablets, smart speakers and Wi-Fi-enabled sensors were thoughtfully integrated to aid functions such as answering the door, adjusting the thermostat and turning on the shower. Caretakers remain on site 24/7 to provide assistance.

Take a look to see what’s inside:

Smart Home, Helping Hand

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