Dec 06 2018
Patient-Centered Care

What Emerging Tech Means for the Medical Workforce [#Infographic]

From artificial intelligence to robot-assisted surgery, technology is taking the healthcare field to new heights and changing what it means to be a provider.

It’s no secret that healthcare today is seeing an acceleration of tech adoption that’s surpassed anything we’ve ever seen before. Virtual reality is revolutionizing everything from pain management to physician training. And artificial intelligence is transforming everything from radiology to cancer screening.

These changes aren’t just helpful, they may be necessary as the U.S. faces a physician shortage in coming years.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about exactly how emerging technologies are finding their way into hospitals and healthcare organizations today, and what that means for clinicians.

DOWNLOAD: Learn more about what next-generation technology will mean for patient engagement — and outcomes.

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Source: Online Medical Care

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