May 24 2018

Next-Generation Patient Engagement Technology Enhances Patient Outcomes

Facing increasing financial penalties for generating high readmission rates, hospital administrators, staff and clinicians strive to ensure that patients released from their facilities don’t pay a quick return visit. Yet despite the widespread use of many new medical, social and business methodologies, readmission rates have remained stubbornly high.

Now, after years of frustration and soaring penalties, healthcare providers have zeroed in on patient engagement and satisfaction as a way to hammer down readmission rates. Sophisticated mobile and fixed devices, powered by multimedia, social media, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, are improving patient care and helping providers make more informed decisions on both treatments and long-term support.

A robust technology framework and support infrastructure are essential to creating, deploying and managing patient engagement devices and applications. Each provider turning to engagement technologies in an effort to drive down readmissions has its own unique goals and needs. From network solutions and access points to applications, storage and processing, technology vendors ensure that a robust and reliable foundation is in place to ensure a positive experience for both patients and providers.

To learn more download our white paper "Next-Generation Patient Engagement Technology Enhances Patient Outcomes."


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