Nov 13 2018
Patient-Centered Care

Are Telehealth Offerings Meeting Patient Expectations? [#Infographic]

More patients than ever are open to the idea of virtual visits with their physicians, but provider telehealth adoption isn’t quite keeping up with demand.

In early November, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services underscored the shift toward remote care offerings by offering a reimbursement option for remote patient monitoring services in its final 2019 Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program. This is perhaps one of the best benchmarks for how telemedicine services are becoming more widely accepted at doctor’s offices and health systems across the country.

There are plenty of merits to establishing ways for patients to connect virtually with their doctors. In both rural and urban areas alike, telehealth can save patients time and money, while expanding their access to specialists and care in general.

But a new survey from Deloitte of U.S. physicians and healthcare consumers finds provider telehealth offerings are lagging behind consumer expectations. While 80 percent of consumers have tried or are willing to try virtual care options, just 14 percent of providers have implemented telehealth technology, and another 18 percent will implement it in the next two years.

Check out the infographic from Deloitte below to see what challenges still lie ahead for telehealth.

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