4 Tips to Build a Successful Telemedicine Program

To launch a successful telehealth program, start with a strong foundation and a clear purpose.

There’s a lot more to a ­telemedicine program than ­providing a video c­onnection between a doctor and patient. Here are four ­recommendations from experts:

1. Ensure a Solid Telemedicine Foundation

Before rolling out telemedicine technology, organizations should complete site surveys and viability assessments to ensure their networks are optimized for telemedicine, says Erica St. Angel, chief technology innovation officer for Access Physicians.

2. Set Out with a Purpose

Providers should identify specific goals, like reducing pulmonary critical-care transfers, says Access Physicians’ managing partner and co-founder Dr. Eduardo Vadia.

3. Develop Relationships with Healthcare Providers

Telemedicine providers should visit the hospital to build rapport with the onsite staff, CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital President and CEO Paul Harvey says.

4. Keep Telehealth Solutions Simple

Limit the overall number of platforms in your solution, says Deanna Larson, CEO of Avera eCARE. Not all telemedicine tools integrate with one another. The more you use, the more complex it is for the IT team to manage.

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Oct 23 2017