Music City Center in Nashville, the site of the Argentum 2017 conference.

Apr 21 2017

Argentum 2017: Examining Technology’s Expanding Role in Senior Living

Conference discussions will focus on innovation and implementation strategies within the industry.

By 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services projects seniors age 65 years and older will make up 16 percent of the United States population, with nearly 55 million people.

To accommodate such growth, independent living facilities must not only grow in volume but evolve fundamentally, with technology playing a pivotal role. Such growth will be among the key topics discussed at the 2017 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference, May 1-3 in Nashville, Tenn.

George Blankenship, a former executive with Apple, Tesla and Gap, will deliver the event’s opening keynote, and is expected to discuss how senior living facilities can benefit from the forward-thinking innovation that helped him achieve success at all three companies.

On May 3, CDW Healthcare’s Ginna Baik will moderate a forum focusing on how organizations such as Five Star Senior Living, Benchmark Senior Living and LifeWell Senior Living take advantage of smart technologies, wearables, virtual reality and more to improve living conditions for their residents. In a recent pilot program, Waltham, Mass.-based Benchmark, which operates communities in seven states in the Northeast, deployed wearables to track the daily activity of seniors; the results were then analyzed by Big Cloud Analytics. Dennis Lally, CEO of Rendever, a virtual reality platform built to improve the aging process for older adults, will also participate in the discussion.

Argentum president and CEO James Balda calls strategic technology deployment critical to the future of senior living.

“Innovation in the area of technology plays an important role in not only improving the quality of care and service senior living residents deserve and demand, but also in advancing the opportunity for cultivating operational excellence for providers across the industry,” he says.

HealthTech will be on hand to cover those sessions and more, and to interview senior living executives about their plans for innovation moving forward. Follow all of our coverage on our Argentum conference landing page.

Mary Clippard/Music City Center

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