Feb 22 2018

Mobile Technology Enhances Next Generation Care Delivery

Walk the halls of any hospital, and one thing is clear: Healthcare is and always has been built on mobility. Doctors and nurses spend their days meeting with patients, families and fellow clinicians.

Hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices now more than ever deploy mobile technology to enable precise and timely care, improve workflow and collaboration, and better engage and satisfy patients.

For instance, providers increasingly are using mobile devices such as preconfigured tablets to register patients and streamline onboarding processes. Such tools help to improve the accuracy of patient data, allowing individuals to input their information digitally as opposed to using pen and paper, then having staff transcribe those forms. The tools also save time for both staff and patients.

Realizing these benefits requires both a strategic plan and a robust infrastructure to roll out and manage devices and programs. Third-party vendors can help organizations start down this path by conducting wireless assessments to determine the steps necessary to support and launch scalable initiatives.

With the right foundation in place, mobility technology and initiatives can help healthcare organizations deliver measurable results, including improved outcomes and more engaged and satisfied patients. They also can produce a return on investment by enabling more efficient care delivery and faster patient discharge while lowering hospital readmissions.

Learn more by downloading our white paper "Mobile Technology Enhances Next-Generation Care Delivery."


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