Nov 15 2021

Leveraging Real-Time Clinical Communication to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Development of the real-time health system is a multifaceted, overarching objective, and it is driving many of the decisions and investments healthcare organizations make. Clinical mobility, including the communication and collaboration on which patient care depends, is intrinsic to real-time care delivery. Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions enable clinicians to access the information and the colleagues they need, quickly and easily, while improving the patient experience.

Mobile devices are just one aspect of an integrated ecosystem that improves care coordination. The foundational platform is a CC&C solution that integrates with core applications and with phone and nurse call systems to support secure, timely exchanges of critical information among care team members and between caregivers and patients.

By transforming day-to-day workflows for clinicians and ancillary staff, CC&C solutions have the power to significantly elevate the quality and timeliness of care coordination. These types of improvements also have a dramatic effect on the well-being of clinicians, which is no small concern when large numbers of healthcare professionals continue to report burnout and job dissatisfaction.

By selecting the right CC&C solutions and supporting tools, such as mobile device management and clinician check-in and check-out processes for mobile devices, healthcare providers can achieve a meaningful shift in the quality and efficiency of clinical mobility workflows. Increases in clinical efficiency lead to less nurse toil and improved morale among clinicians, improvements worth consideration given the nurse shortage.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: "Leveraging Real-Time Clinical Communication to Improve Healthcare Outcomes."


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