May 13 2020

Extending the Value of Physical Security Systems with Enhanced Video Surveillance

Organizations across industries have relied on video surveillance systems as an important component of their physical security environment for decades. The advent of inexpensive, network-enabled cameras facilitated the growth of these systems to the point where virtually every organization has some video surveillance footprint. Whether limited to critical areas or deployed throughout an enterprise, these cameras collect video footage that organizations historically used for forensic purposes — something went wrong, and video footage enabled security teams to look back to determine what happened.

Video surveillance is undergoing an important evolution. Organizations realize that the cameras they have distributed throughout their facilities have tremendous untapped potential as sensors in the Internet of Things. Surveillance system deployments enable organizations to move beyond simple forensic investigations and use their cameras proactively to protect people, property and processes.

This white paper looks beyond traditional deployments of video surveillance and identifies ways that video systems can deliver value beyond typical security use cases. It addresses the challenges to implementing these technologies and provides advice on overcoming those challenges through examples from key industries, including retail, education, healthcare and energy and utilities.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: "Extending the Value of Physical Security Systems with Enhanced Video Surveillance"


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