Mar 20 2020

Connecting Caregivers Helps to Improve Clinician Satisfaction

From an aging patient population to a retiring workforce and high turnover rates, today’s nurses face many challenges in the workplace. Discover how clinical communication and collaboration tools, when implemented correctly, can help nurses provide better care outcomes and improve job satisfaction.


    Steve Shirley, CIO, Parkview Medical Center

    Adam Mahmud, Healthcare Alliance Manager, Jamf

Video Highlights

  • Parkview Medical Center adopted PatientSafe Solutions as a means to create a collaborative clinical environment.
  • The adoption of Apple iPhones provided Parkview a way to streamline clinical communication while ensuring its mobile devices fit neatly within its existing network infrastructure.
  • By bringing Jamf and clinical stakeholders to the discussion table, Parkview was able to construct an effective and highly adopted clinical communication and collaboration system.

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