Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway Tap Tech to Simplify Healthcare

Technology is in the driver's seat of a new company that aims to take on the rising costs of employee healthcare and improve user satisfaction. Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase announced on Jan. 30 that the three will come together to form an independent company that will focus on "technology solutions that will provide U.S.

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New Ingestible Sensor Helps Researchers Better Glimpse the Gut

While, wearables like the new EKG-capable Apple Watch band, are stepping in to help clinicians and researchers better understand the body's biometrics, understanding the inner workings of the body still require more invasive methods. A new ingestible sensor could change that, however.

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, have developed a new ingestible sensor designed to better understand the gases in the gut.

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4 Tips to Build a Successful Telemedicine Program

There’s a lot more to a ­telemedicine program than ­providing a video c­onnection between a doctor and patient. Here are four ­recommendations from experts:

1. Ensure a Solid Telemedicine Foundation

Before rolling out telemedicine technology, organizations should complete site surveys and viability assessments to ensure their networks are optimized for telemedicine, says Erica St. Angel, chief technology innovation officer for Access Physicians.

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AMA Launches Platform to Unite Health Data

The American Medical Association has launched a new platform that aims to unite all stakeholders across health and technology on a common data model that can help clinicians to organize and exchange health data.

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5 Recommendations for Healthcare VDI Deployments

Considering whether a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment may extend advantages to your healthcare organization? IT professionals say to keep these recommendations in mind:

1. Take a Long View of the VDI Deployment

Look at your investment holistically, LifeBridge Health Senior Vice President and CIO Tressa Springmann says. “In the short term, you’re simply moving staff and expense from user hardware to back-end systems.”

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