Jan 26 2017

How Digital Displays Improve Efficiency for Healthcare Organizations [#Infographic]

Patients, visitors and providers all benefit from instant and interactive communication.

For healthcare organizations, digital displays represent a key tool for instant and interactive communication on a broad spectrum. Such technology can provide need-to-know information for everyone, from patients and visitors to clinicians.

A CDW infographic outlines several scenarios. For visitors, digital displays can serve as wayfinding tools to help family and friends navigate multiple halls, floors and sometimes buildings. Additionally, they can provide status updates for anxious visitors of patients undergoing medical procedures or tests.

For staff, digital displays can provide information on procedure times, enabling better coordination of efforts.

Meanwhile, for patients, such tools can help to improve their stay by enabling access to TV, the internet or personalized education materials. These conveniences could lead to improved satisfaction scores for organizations.

According to Global Market Insights, the global market for overall digital signage is projected to exceed $23 billion. Healthcare applications, in particular, are expected to exhibit considerable growth due to expanded use.

Check out the full CDW infographic below for more examples of how digital display technology impacts healthcare organizations.