May 30 2024

Realizing the Goals of Better Connected Care

The concepts supporting virtual care have existed for decades. Now, it’s time for healthcare organizations to push their strategies into the future.

Many of the concepts supporting virtual care in the U.S. have existed for decades. Telehealth, for instance, saw one of its earliest use cases in the 1960s, as NASA’s needed to monitor astronauts’ health. Since then, technologies, processes and needs have drastically evolved, and it’s time that healthcare organizations crystalize their visions for more connected care.

CDW Healthcare Strategist Josh Peacock said it best in a CDW white paper: “Ultimately, the goal of any connected care initiative is to provide a great experience that leads to better healthcare outcomes and improved satisfaction for both providers and patients.” 

Hoping to inspire and spur more change, HealthTech is telling the stories of healthcare organizations that are taking charge of their complex environments and pushing forward a more holistic, integrated vision of care.

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From Ideation to Realization

In “Why Healthcare Organizations Are Launching Innovation Centers,” UC San Diego Health leaders share the successes and challenges of standing up an innovation center to support their forward-thinking transformations.

“Having this resource lifts the entire UC San Diego Health organization,” says Dr. Christopher Longhurst, executive director of UC San Diego Health’s Jacobs Center for Health Innovation. He is also the chief medical officer and chief digital officer of the health system. “The resources that the center provides are helping us catalyze and spur innovation throughout the organization.”

And don’t miss out on the transformations happening at leading senior care organizations. In “How Senior Care Organizations Are Using Tech to Attract and Retain Staff,” Lifespace Communities is modernizing its technology stack and processes to attract and retain valuable team members.

“We see technology as an enabling tool,” says Chief Strategy Officer Mike Roach. “It helps make our team members more efficient at their jobs, and it can also create peace of mind for our team members, so that they’re not distracted or worried about the solutions and they can put their focus on the residents that they’re serving every day.”

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