New Center for Medical Interoperability Launches to Improve Patient Care

The facility will look to help eliminate barriers to seamless communication.

A new facility dedicated to improving interoperability in healthcare has opened its doors in Nashville. The Center for Medical Interoperability consists of health systems and provider organizations that aiming to eliminate “current barriers to swift and seamless communication of patient information among medical devices and electronic health records,” according to a press release.

The ultimate goal of the center is to provide physicians with easy access to relevant patient data, improving patient care.

“The opening of the headquarters and launch of the lab are enormous steps toward addressing the difficulties that health systems share in getting medical devices and electronic health records to ‘talk’ to each other,” said Mike Schatzlein, chair of the center’s board in the release. “All too often, this prevents physicians and other caregivers from having complete information about a patient readily available when they make important treatment decisions. Enabling this type of seamless communication is crucial to improving patient safety and reducing clinician burnout.”

Apr 07 2017