Cloud-Based Machine Learning Platform for Health Apps Takes Off

The new platform will help to provide actionable information from app-collected data.

A new cloud-based machine learning tool for healthcare apps has launched with the aim to better analyze the massive amounts of data generated by the apps. Cerebrum, the HIPAA-compliant platform by Medable, which is currently being piloted by several healthcare institutions, is looking to generate actionable insights from the data that can improve patient care.

Satish Misra, cardiology fellow at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, writes on iMedical Apps about the platform:

Cerebrum provides machine learning across the ecosystem of clinical study data, including standard clinical instruments and patient reported outcomes data, meta-data from mobile devices, connected devices, and genomic and epigenomic data … Cerebrum’s unique machine learning system has the ability to automate the identification of high-value predictors and provide rapid generation of novel insights … Cerebrum can help [healthcare providers] gain a much better understanding of their data through text classification and mining, emotion/behavior analysis, tagging, and other health-specific features.

Apr 07 2017